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Welcome to the happy home of Tim and Marie Sanderson – with, of course, our eldest and most legged child Gertrude (aka the Muffin), Charlotte (aka Biscuit), and Lily (aka Spud, Bug)


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  • Allez Cuizine The Mighty One's victory in the greatest of all iron chef battles.
  • Tim's Resume A staunch sea wall against the black waves of lunacy threatening to drown the site. Thankfully it has not been updated with my stint in the military.
  • Contact Information It's amazing how often this is misunderstood.
  • Rants Various diatribes directed against the world in general.
  • FAQ Frequently asked questions about Tim.
  • Brief Biography of the young Tim. Suitable for framing.
  • A link to Kate’s site.
  • Links various links to other (inferior) sites.
  • Autotrader Story Horrible lies and propaganda from the evil folks at Epi Fanny.
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