Brief Bio of Tim The Mighty

It is with some trepidation I embark on this short autobiographical sketch. It is fair of me to leave out the story of the L.A.H.N? Can I tell the story of my sojourn in the Korean DMZ without jeopardizing the security of the free world? Ah well - so it begins

I am the first-born child of Lord and Lady Sander, proud members of a hidden society with the twin goals of world domination and immortality. In the ancient days the Sanders ruled much of Egypt, and were responsible, among other things, for turning the Egyptian cubes into pyramids. Alas, I never knew my parents in the early years of my life, as I washed ashore on a small island in the South Pacific [which must remain nameless to protect the inhabitants]. There I was raised by a primitive society of barnacle harvesters.

For many years I amused myself with the natives, who were, of course, greatly enamored of me. I knew, deep down inside, I was slightly different. While others my age were busy learning how to successfully harvest barnacles, I developed a semi automated billing system using only kelp and discarded barnacle husks. On the eve of my eighteenth birthday my adopted parents gave me a suitcase recovered from the shipwreck, containing pictures of my parents and various documentation on the secret order of Sander.

At that point I discarded the name given to me by my adopted parents and became "Tim The Mighty, Son of Sander", and hailed a passing fishing boat to search for my real parents, finally winding up in Toronto, Canada.

Tim Sanderson