Marie clearly without the pre-wedding jitters

And Marie with the pre wedding Jitters

Marie and Don getting ready

A wait like no other

Marie coming down the aisle with Don

If it seems odd to you that we're so sitting so far apart, imagine how we felt...

Trying somewhat without success to keep the tears contained

I didn't know there was going to be a quiz afterwards

Thank goodness - it's an open book quiz

Oh boy oh boy

And we're wed!

Off we go - to disneyland

Kate and Marie

Make some room for the Groom

Tim, Jo, Ryan and Marie

Gorgasaurs are nice

Off we go to the reception

So happy I can barely walk

Oh - sorry, we have to wait until after the reception.

Fancy meeting you here

The Girls

People often cluster around Timmits staring adoringly. Perhaps a bit more often at the wedding I suppose.

The bridal party decides it's time to get things moving with or without Timmits

Here we are

Yes, I too would enjoy a refreshing game of checkers.


Sandersons - well, some of 'em

The Sandersons with the newest member

Bride and Groom with chaperones

My night job

I know it's a bit tacky, but we made big $$$ with the product placement.

Tim and Jeff

Jo's sad she didn't get to play checkers

Tim and Marie - who would have thought you'd see another picture of us...



Who let the Monster out?

We wondered what that scribble meant

We should have warned the bartender

Oh dear.

The real question is: “Whose drinking from the other glass?”

What excellent cake cutters we are


Mother of the groom - aka Moom.

A tablecloth for her tears.

I fear that's the harbour explosion in the background...

Mind if I cut in?