Tim on an angle. Not sure why

Tim cooking in a real shirt. What a handsome man

The infamous egg

Egging on

Marie and shinny, shinny lobster

Marie and shinny lobster

Marie with Theodore the tugboat in the background

Marie kisses the egg - Tim with a dirty shirt

Marie, the egg, and Stevie Wonder

Marie and Tim at Tim's Bday party - Brant house. Tim looks very silly

Marie by the duck pond, seconds before she said “Yes”

Marie read to go camping. Knapsack is enormous

Marie with the Limberlost Bear.

Tim and Marie before the Virgin Launch

Marie poses with the enormous knapsack

Marie unhappy with the size of her knapsack. Can't really blame her

Tim, serious as always

Tim the night of the horrible pancake defeat

Super fun stars in Limberlost

Tim and Marie on Elm street

Tim and Marie making some fun of Theresa trying to keep a secret.

Tim and Marie - in Bedford by the water

Tim and Marie seconds before he proposed

Tim driving to Limberlost

Blurry Tim with half of Marie's head

Tim at the duck pond - just before

Tim graduating from U of T

Tim and Marie at 44 OBP

Small Tim

Tim and Marie in Limberlost

Tim and Marie driving to Huntsville

Tim and Marie at a restaurant with Kate and John

Tim and Marie before the launch party.

Tim and Marie - Tim looks sleepy.

Nice picture of Tim and Marie at dinner with Aunt Helen and Uncle Lloyd - Sep 2005

Tim behaves himself while reading

Tim with mouth open - Marie smiling - at a restaurant with Kate and John

Tim and Marie - an odd picture.

Marie hidden by hair - and a bit of Tim before the Virgin Mobile Launch.

Tim at 44 OBP dinner

Marie looking very elegant

Tim and Marie at home


Marie and Jazz Hands

Timmitts @ XMas eve 2005

Tim hustles - XMas eve 2005

Timmitts XMas 2005

Tim with XMas Tree 2005

Tim at Limberlost