Surprise Anniversary Party - Mom and Dad's 35th

Jeff and Brenda at Tim's birthday party - 31

David and John

Tim with Imo in arms

Janet, Marie and Jo - at the surprise Engagement party


Kate and John

Kate and John with stuffed annimals

Marie and Kate - at Kate's Birthday dinner?

Kate and Stephanie

Kate and John - John pounding back the shots

Kate and John - wedding day

Imo, Kate and Salish

Kate gets surpised

Kate and John smootch away

Maggie, Mitts, Karen and Alex


Smiles all around

Serious in Pink

Swordy Sam

Happy Steph

Sultry Jo & Sly Ry

Blase Jo & Wine Ryan

Group Shot - Kate's Bday

Kate Brown's B-Day

Let's drink to Mona!

The whole gang at the surprise Anniversary Party

Trish makes a face with Allison


Janet on her Birthday

Karen and Alex

Janet with a champagne cocktail

Alex, Karen, Tim and Marie

The glamour girls

A strange happening with the cake

Karen and Alex

Janet and Ian

Karen, Alex and Marie

Barb and Ian