TIm, Jeff and Patrice in the pancake competition

Tim cutting sausages

Pops grilling bread

The rack of lamb

Scalloped potato - with wacky purple colours

Salad with the Easter dinner

Tim with potatos

Tim serves up the spuds for Easter

Tim makes a face. Why? Who knows.

Tim makes a face

Many, many pies (note the lovely pots displayed on the table)

Marie, the Egg and Tim

Marie the Egg and Tim - part two

Tim scopping up the spuds

More spud serving at Easter dinner

Jeff with chefs hat

Jeff waiting for pancakes

The Easter Lamb, but not in the metaphorical sense

Fun lobster from Nancy

Yummy lobster pasta

Marie helps cook.

Tim at the pancake competion with the duck head

Tim and Patrice cook in the competion

Patrice, Jeff and Trish at the cookoff

Patrice and Tim - battling

Tim makes money. Almost



Tim looking serious

Tim cooking away happily

Trish lookin sad in the kitchen

Sam and sward

Sword presentation

Tim with the duck head

Tim washes his hands - the only one in the battle, I might add. Those extra seconds costed him badly.

Sam I am - or, rather, he is

Tim and Marie reviewing the cooking Gannt chart

Tim and Marie review the Easter culinary Gannt

Tim Looks very serious with some olive oil


Lots 'o lasagna

Look at all of 'em

Massive quantities of Lasagna

Pretty Marie with her own little lasanga

Tim cooks happy

Happy Tim in the kitchen

Happy Tim with the lamb

L in progress

Tim happy with L

Tim with Olive oil

Tim happy with lamb

Tim stunned by the beautiful lamb

TIm displays the French toast.


Lamb to the slaugher?



Tim chops lobster

Tim mixing dough - Marie in charge behind the camera

Dough and finger hair - super fun.

Tim preps for the sandwich eating battle

Tim makes pies

Lasanga sauce making

Tim with the duck head - awesome!

Sweet Potato, sausage and chicken. Why? Who knows.

Marie helps cook

Le canard morte avec ses amis - M. couchon, M. Veal et Madam La Cashew

Le Canard with the chimney

Marie with pototos sous verde

The duck she is very raw

The duck - seared

Soup going for a swim!

Canard en croute

Le canard morte

Timmitts avec le canard